Fractal Time – The Calendar

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“Fractal geometry will make you see everything differently.

There is a danger in reading further.

You risk the loss of your childhood vision of clouds, forests, flowers, galaxies, leaves, feathers, rocks, mountains, torrents of water, carpet, bricks, and much else besides.

Never again will your interpretation of these things be quite the same.”

~ Michael F. Barnsley


Greetings Dear Readers and Fans!

First of All,

Happy New 2016 to All of You!

May it be the most Wonderful, Creative, Productive and Transforming year!!!


Second, every cycle brings something new, this year I plunged into Calendar making.

I am proud to unveil my 2016, 12-month, Wall Calendar called “Fractal Time.”

It contains 12 Gorgeous High Definition Fractal Renderings. One per month, each representing Moods, Colors and Shapes of the 12 Months.

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That’s 42 Fantastic Fractal Images in Addition to the Incredible Printed Wall Calendar, called “Fractal Time”

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Thank you! ☼


Cover w.border - Fractal Time - The Calendar

“Find Resonance and Vibrational Support from these Energetically Charged and Informationally Packed Renderings!

This is my Gift to the world – Tunning into the Vibrations of Nature and Passing the Resonance thru my Art.

We all Vibrate – on a Physical, Mental and Spiritual levels. Every Object transmits a vibration and we can Choose, Intentionally, what Vibrations we want to have around us. Not to be snobby about this – the world is Complex and often Difficult. But in our own Environment, we can Create a World of Peace and Harmony, Charge Ourselves with this Energy and Share it with the World around us. Big or small, each individual contribution is Priceless! Whether you are a bus driver or a Guru – you need all the Help you can Get – to be Calm, Strong, Inspired, Happy and Healty. When you reach out to you Friends and Family, strangers on the street or thru your work – if you give Love – there will be more of it in the World. So, go on, Share the Light, and Colors, and Shapes…” ~eYenDer (Nikolay K.)

Thank you for Supporting the Artist 🙂

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