Hello Fractal World!

We used to think that the world was Flat and was supported by Turtles swimming in the Primordial Ocean.

We used to think that the Sun was orbiting around the Earth.

We used to think that the Universe consists of Sun, Earth, planets of the solar system and a couple hundred stars… up until we discovered that there are other Galaxies.

We used to measure things according to our understanding of the world. With the Flat-land philosophy we only had to use 2 plane measurement system. Discovering Earth as a sphere required us to develop a 3D measurement system.

But this is still not enough if we want to measure objects in the Outer Space – other Galaxies, Clasters of Galaxies… Euclidian Geomerty was useless, thus Non-Euclidian systems were developed where time and space and matter were measured in different states and under different conditions than usually found on Earth.

Yet, maybe one of the most important discoveries had happened when we looked inside and around – we realized we had been measuring an Ideal State – perfect forms, straight lines…

When we looked at Nature we realized that it has it’s own Intelligence, far greater of what we had known so far. Nature has it’s own laws of Mathematics, Economy, Philosophy and Geometry.

These observations lead to the discovery of Fractals, and this is where our Journey begins…

Apophysis 256k - Hello Fractal World!
Math of Nature

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