What is Fractal Art, and What it isn’t?

If you never been to  Google Knol I highly recommend you do so – it’s full of interesting articles, research papers and essays.

While browsing through the mass of knowledge I came across an interesting post about Fractal Art by Kerry Mitchell called “The Fractal Art Manifesto”. In this article Kerry attempts to define what Fractal Art is and… what it is not. It is a very well written exploration and I recommend you take a few minutes to read it yourself.

Be it a Fractal art or any other art the point is the same – something can be called art when it’s Unique, of High Quality and was made with Skill and Creativity.

Let’s take as an example an image rendered by Apophysis, fractal rendering software. It’s pretty easy to learn how to use it. I was able to make my first Fractal Flame within 30min or so after I discovered the software and read the instructions. Would I consider an image that was produced by such software to be Art?

I don’t think it matters how something is produced, but rather how much you put into it. Since you can just click and have a frame rendered into an image it becomes super easy to produce Fractal Images, but it only becomes art when you put your soul into it, it just happens when you create  with an aim to find a resonance between you and your work, when you have a vision or a feeling you want to express…

When you really love what you do – what you do becomes Art.

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