Fractal Art 1 – Dose of Red Rose

Fractal Art by eYenDer 001 - Fractal Art 1 - Dose of Red Rose
Dose of Red Rose

Glowing from the guts of the galaxy is the Red Rose Giant… Brian, the captain of the supernova carrier, drifted aboard with other alience, in a reminiscence of Higher Presidence.
Just like the Residents
They paraded, restless, in reverence of


If only in the distance, there was a light,
only smoke
only from gas

You might not know, but by then all the oxigen was used up and even the most advanced oxygen machines were not able to keep up with the demand.

Today we take it for granted
That we can breath clean air, it’s still relatively clean,
Tomorrow we might be breathing from a bottle,
Like we Drink today, thought even an idea was rediculous,
but someone know how to create needs
where used to be none.

Moderation is not only good on groups and forums,
In your own life continue to manage a Balanced state of Dynamic Equilibrium.
Life is not Static,
Life is not Still,
That’s power, only true one,
If you understand.

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