Sierra College 19th Student Art Show – the Winner!

After 3 years of submitting, being rejected (once) and finally being awarded a Juror’s Award – I feel Happy and Grateful! All those efforts finally paid off and I feel I did accomplished something. But in reality, it’s only a beginning. Of course, it’s easy to give up when you get rejected, especially if what you’re doing is not very rewarding in itself. Lucky for me, I love Fractals and Art and I wish I didn’t have to figure out the “money” part of it. But I don’t complain – I assess the reality, set a goal and work towards it making adjustments on a way. This is how modern day start-ups are operating and how one can become successful in the shortest amount of time with the smallest investment, no matter what or where one is doing it (generalizing of course, but if you live in a country that is not a total dictatorship – you can find a way).
But for me fractals are not only cool art, they are becoming a learning tool. Take the “snowflake writing method” for example. The idea is – you write a word in a circle and draw 4 or 6 lines from it writing another word that is somehow related to the one in the center. Now you have, lets say, 5 words on the periphery and one in the center. A sort of a mindmap. You can continue drawing lines and making new branches, following the associations that come along. Then, you “flatten” your diagram and write it down in a linear fashion: center word – you main topic, first level of branches – main chapters/subtopics, third – smaller chapters or paragraphs within the chapter. This is how you sonic! Or write a book 🙂 A snowflake being one example of fractal systems shows that there are some very useful, although not immediately obvious, properties about these things called Fractals!
In the future posts I hope to write more about similar ideas and discoveries about fractals and Nature.

College Art Show - Sierra College 19th Student Art Show - the Winner!

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