Fractal Art 7 – eYe of Tor Nada

Fractal Art by eYenDer 007 1024x1024 - Fractal Art 7 - eYe of Tor Nada
eYe of Tor Nada


De nada!

Thank you!


No hay nada tan atrevido como la ignorancia,

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Humans are the fools, I guess.

Even though we yet to communicate with Angels,

Publicly, Non-exclusively, Physically…

Spanish version is a better potion.

No mire with the Higher,

Use what you have – five senses, mind, awareness, memory.

Saw Experience, Reap Wisdom.

But with a the lack of experience,

“Proper” experience,

Focused Experience,

Intelligent Experience,

Ignorance grows, not Wisdom.

The (only) other type of Experience is Random Experience,

Called Fun, Play, Exploration.

Humans are mired here too.
Too much “focus” and we have a Dictatorship.
Too much “fun” and we have an Oligarchy and Plutocracy.
We need balance.
But tell that to the slave trader,
To the CAFO operator,
To the Pope or a Pop Star,
To the one who profits from the many,
To the one who rules over many,
To the one who owns many.
No one person should ever entangle the whole world.
This world be a World Nation, a village or a family.
The man who boldly go where no one else dared to,
These man, never have time, no luxury, to boast about their ego.
It’s those with idle minds and idle money that come up with worse ideas,
Most of the time.
Humans need to exert control over themselves,
Or someone else will.
Stoics had the idea.
And Romanticism.

Robots have all the controls, but they can’t have fun.

Robots would not play chess between themselves,

There is no challenge in it.

To have fun,

They would have to create Worlds,

Whole Universes…

If they’d ever found a need for “purpose”,

And metaphysics,

Idea and recognition of an “I”(little i, everyone has it – iPhone, iD, iCaramba),

Social structure and hierarchy…

Only if.

But we see, for now at least, that machines are programmable, that we tell them to do things.

Wait till everything is technologically controlled.

Smart homes, smart lives, smart slaves.

Machines do not take over humans.

Humans with machines take over humans without machines.

The eYe of Tor Nada.

De Nada.


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