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Fractal Time – 2019 Wall Calendar

Last year (2017) my life was so busy I didn’t have time to release a new calendar. And I almost skipped this year too. But with a bit of perseverance and focus I managed to do it this year (2018)! Released in mid December of 2018, this year’s calendar...
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Why Fractals?

After reading an article called “How to create interesting work” I’ve decided to do the “Why” exercise. Here’s what I’ve got. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -So, Why Fractals? Because they’re pretty, fascinating, infinite… -But Why Fractals? As a kid I saw one of my father’s math books, with all the abstract geometric...
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Sierra College 19th Student Art Show – the Winner!

After 3 years of submitting, being rejected (once) and finally being awarded a Juror’s Award – I feel Happy and Grateful! All those efforts finally paid off and I feel I did accomplished something. But in reality, it’s only a beginning. Of course, it’s easy to give up when...
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