Why Fractals?

After reading an article called “How to create interesting work” I’ve decided to do the “Why” exercise. Here’s what I’ve got. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -So, Why Fractals? Because they’re pretty, fascinating, infinite… -But Why Fractals? As a kid I saw one of my father’s math books, with all the abstract geometric drawings, Mobius loops, Non-Euclidian planes… it…

Sierra College 19th Student Art Show – the Winner!

After 3 years of submitting, being rejected (once) and finally being awarded a Juror’s Award – I feel Happy and Grateful! All those efforts finally paid off and I feel I did accomplished something. But in reality, it’s only a beginning. Of course, it’s easy to give up when you get rejected, especially if what you’re doing is not very rewarding in itself. Lucky for me, I love Fractals and Art and I wish I didn’t have to figure out the “money” part of it. But I don’t complain – I assess the reality, set a goal and work towards it making adjustments on a way. This is how modern day start-ups are operating and how one can become successful in the shortest amount of time with the smallest investment, no matter what or where one is doing it (generalizing of course, but if you live in a country that is not a total dictatorship – you can find a way).
But for me fractals are not only cool art, they are becoming a learning tool. Take the “snowflake writing method” for example. The idea is – you write a word in a circle and draw 4 or 6 lines from it writing another word that is somehow related to the one in the center. Now you have, lets say, 5 words on the periphery and one in the center. A sort of a mindmap. You can continue drawing lines and making new branches, following the associations that come along. Then, you “flatten” your diagram and write it down in a linear fashion: center word – you main topic, first level of branches – main chapters/subtopics, third – smaller chapters or paragraphs within the chapter. This is how you sonic! Or write a book 🙂 A snowflake being one example of fractal systems shows that there are some very useful, although not immediately obvious, properties about these things called Fractals!
In the future posts I hope to write more about similar ideas and discoveries about fractals and Nature.

Sierra College Art Show

Sierra College Art Exhibition 2014

…once upon a time I submitted two pieces of my art to an Art Exhibition, and not just any exhibition, but a Sierra College 2014 Juried Student Art Exhibition. Sierra College being a great place to study art, design and what not – I had my hopes up. The exhibit was held between March 17th and May 15th 2014, but it’s only now, in January 2015 that I managed to post a report on this, should I say, ground braking ribbon-cutting event.

I guess I was too shy to admit I didn’t win… anything. If I did it would take me even longer. What I did get from participating is much more valuable than College prizes – experience and free reception buffet at the opening ceremony. I’ll share more on the former, but the latter was served by California Organics and I still have vague memories of the delicious delicacies they prepared for the starving artists alike. Needless to say the food was gone some 20 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony and since I had nothing else to do, me and my girlfriend (who inspired this adventure in the first place, love you Harmony), took a walk to see what other folks came up with.

Now back to that “experience” piece. You see, if you’ve never been to an art exhibit you’re missing out on a lot of fun, free food and sometimes some fire water. But of course, this is not what these elegant events are designed for. They are launching pads, for the future DaVinci’s and Warhole’s to show off themselves and laugh at others, if you’re so inclined. I’ve been to art receptions before, some of my artist friends would do one of these to celebrate their “new” collection they’ve been working on for the last 7 years, after seeing which you’d wonder – did they wait for 6 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 days and concocted their entire collection on the last day through sheer desperation or they stole kindergarden drawings from a kid next door and hope nobody will notice? Sometimes it would actually be decent to put it in the bathroom. In any a case, there was always something nonchalant about these events and I wow’d to take part in one myself.

Fools wish granted! Here I am, with one of my scrappy pictures, no, not the one on the right, it’s that dark black one on the left that looks like a cover for Black Sabbath album (mind the glare, it’s actually the ghosts of the not-dead passerby’ers), only without the band. The other scrappy picture was not accepted, maybe it was too scrappy, I don’t know, I was called “Chocolate”. This one is called “Unfolding” and it still haunts the Library of NC campus, as I forgot to pick it up after the exhibit was over.

art exhibit

Here it is in all it’s Wondrous Beauty.

Fractal Art

And here’s the “Chocolate”:

fractal art

Next day after the Opening ceremony it was the time to collect all the junk that wasn’t accepted. It was when I picked up the copy of the Chocolate. Here is where I get a kick – one of the professors looks at me and says – “We almost gave you an award, you know. Keep working on it kid.” Whow, that’s worth more than $100 Art Supply gift voucher! That’s called Encouragement! And as it goes, no good deed goes unpunished, I continue working on it, spending countless hours of rendering time, trying to find the “Perfect Fractal”, but mostly just having fun and getting ready for this years Sierra College Student Art Exhibition. Maybe Ill see you there and you can tell me all about how much you hate this kind of art, if you can even call this art at all. Until then, let it render!